Practicing Reconciliation

Welcome to our reconciliation learning community! We believe that reconciliation is more than a theoretical idea, it is an experiential reality. In order to grow together in this reality, we have established this forum in order to begin a dialogue about how we can practice reconciliation in our daily lives.

Our desire is that this forum be a response to specific issues of reconciliation that have come up in our daily lived lives. So, rather than us simply putting out content, our intention is to respond to questions raised by you, our readers. ( Sort of a "Dear PCR" approach) Depending on the amount of questions we receive and the capacity of our office to respond, you will see various conversations begin to unfold here. To ensure that we function in accordance with the principles outlined below, we are unable to provide direct access to the website so we invite you to submit your questions or additional comments on a conversation already unfolding to the following email: